Saturday, June 5, 2010

Expo 2010 Shanghai - Area B

I'll be focusing on Area B of the Expo 2010 Shanghai in this post, so this will be like a photo-logue. Enjoy!

There are only a small number of country pavilions in this area which are mainly from the South East Asia. Other pavilions include the United Nations Pavilion, International Red Cross Pavilion etc.

Thailand Pavilion.

Australia Pavilion. It's a huge building, and the line is very long.

Singapore Pavilion.

Philippines Pavilion.

Wonderful live performances.

Malaysia Pavilion.

A lot of visitors are curious about Malaysia. The response at the pavilion is fantastic. It took me almost half an hour just to get in.

A stage for Malaysian performances.

They brought a lot of artwork from our National Art Gallery to be showcased in the World Expo.

Genting Highlands. The great Chinese people attraction.

I didn't know we have great golf courses. SanYa in China, yes; but Malaysia? If you like being roasted alive under the hot Malaysian sun, then by all means, be my guest.

A speaker giving a talk about Sarawak.

Can you see our Twin Towers hidden behind? I didn't even notice it when I was there. Very unpatriotic of me.

Mustn't forget our world famous bak kut teh.

And our national pride, the tongkat ali.

Gloves, yes. Do you know about condoms too?

Malaysian food!

For the benefit of those who cannot read Chinese:
Malaysian Gourmet Specialty
1. Nasi Lemak RMB 40
2. Chicken Bak Kut Teh RMB 40
3. Curry Laksa Mee RMB 40
4. Nyonya Curry Chicken Rice RMB 40
5. is missing?!
6. Special Chicken Chop RMB 25
7. Penang Rojak, Fruit Salad RMB 20
8. Ipoh White Coffee RMB 25
9. Teh Tarik RMB 25
Selamat Datang! (Welcome!)

Talk about gourmet price. If I were to order all of the above in Malaysia, it would only cost me RM 40, with change!

New Zealand Pavilion.

The cave troll from The Lord of the Rings! My life is (almost) complete!
(Weta Workshop from New Zealand are the special effects studio responsible for movies such as The Lord of the Rings, King Kong, Van Helsing etc.)

Cambodia Pavilion.

Replicas of the Angkor Wat.

Replicas from the Khmer period.

Indonesia Pavilion.

Their performance stage.

Admiral Cheng Ho.

Indonesian puppets for their puppet show.

The walls of Borobudur.

Brunei Pavilion.

I only took half a day to finish visiting the pavilions in Area B. The rest of the day was spent in Area C, which will come up in the next few posts. That area is huge!